WallStreetBets Trader Fleece

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Sustainable fleece that incorporates recycled polyester to show your WSB dedication. Fluffy, soft, and warm.

Long threads for heat retention and an outdoorsy, casual feel.
The dimensions around the shoulders and chest have been set with consideration to the length of the fur, for added comfort.
Adjusted the seams of the front body to flatter your torso.
Inserted a trim behind the front zipper to prevent the threads from getting caught when opening and closing the zipper.
For the inside of the pockets, the side for the palm of the hand uses long fleece for warmth and the side for the back of the hand uses a different material that is less thick.
The cuffs have been made with binders, so they keep wind out and are easy to roll up.

100% Polyester
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle


Also, here is a rulebook to get rich.

1. Never ever FOMO. It always end bad
2. Buy new innovative companies shares before others
3. When stocks go up then check the market and take pleasure. When they go down then keep the phone aside.
4. Dont use leverage. If you use leverage and make profits then immediately use those profits to buy more shares of something which is undervalued.
5. Dont diversify too much. Diversification protects wealth for someone who doesnt know what they are buying. Concentrate something you know is a great deal
6. Market cap is very very important. Always look at that. But also what's important is total addressable market of that sector
7. Meme stocks are not bad. They can make you rich. Trick for finding best meme stock is to see who are the people behind that stock.
8. To get rich you will have to hold some Investments for the long term. You can only hold something long term when you have patience and when you are not over-leveraged and when you dont get emotional seeing charts
9. Buy when there is a rumor, not when there is a news
10. Dont sell unless something fundamentally changed. That's important because manipulation is really the name of the game

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